Guide to MOF / KKM License Application and Renewal

New Application/ Addition of MOF / KKM Codes

MOF / KKM license from the Ministry of Finance (Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia) is required for businesses targeting the government sector in Malaysia. It is key to access government procurement processes via quotations (for tasks priced between RM50,000 and RM500,000), providing consultation, and engaging in outsourced projects with governmental bodies. It is mandatory for tenders valued at RM500,000 and upwards.

Registration Requirements for MOF / KKM License:

  1. Companies registered with SSM under the Companies Act 1965/2016; or the Business Registration Act 1956.
  2. Companies must have an active bank account in the company's name. Companies must submit a copy of the latest bank statement latest 3-month bank and KWSP statements.
  3. Certified true copies of forms 49, 24, 44/Section 14, M&A (if present), and Section 17. Include a certified copy of the Board Resolution to initiate a bank account.
  4. Share pertinent academic certificates and identification documents for every director authenticated by a Commissioner for Oaths.
  5. Companies/consulting firms must have a valid business operating office, either owned or rented. Sales & purchase agreement (if owned) or a stamped tenancy agreement must be submitted as proof.
  6. Companies/consulting firms must submit the latest EPF contribution statement or Form A accompanied by the latest payment receipt.
  7. Companies must have a minimum paid-up/cumulative/equity capital of RM2,500.00 except for special field codes and consulting firms which must have at least RM50,000.00.
  8. Consulting firms whose equity is held by corporate/nominee must have a director with at least five (5) years of work experience after obtaining their first degree in the field applied for.

While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information on this page, we recommend users verify details with the officialMalaysian Government eProcurement portalfor the most up-to-date and comprehensive registration information.

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