Guide for Registration and Renewal of PUKONSA License

PUKONSA License Registration Requirements (New Registration / Renewals)

  • Regarding share ownership, applicants are only allowed to be registered in two (2) companies. Owners / shareholders are only allowed to own 5% of shares in one of the companies registered with PUKONSA.
  • All shareholders and directors of the company registered with PUKONSA must be Malaysian citizens and originate from the state of Sabah. Subject to the condition that both parents of the owner/shareholder of the company are citizens and both parents or one of them originates from the state of Sabah.

Minimum capital requirement:

ClassPaid-up Capital (Sdn Bhd) / Minimum Account Balance (Enterprise)
AMore than RM 350,000
BMore than RM 250,000
CMore than RM 150,000
DMore than RM 25,000
EMore than RM 5,000
FMore than RM 5,000

Requirements for work records:

Certified copies of supporting documents related to government / Sabah GLC / private sector work experience for the past 5 years.

ClassProject Value
AWork record of projects valued more than RM 2.5 million
BWork record of projects valued more than RM 2 million
CWork record of projects valued more than RM 800,000
DWork record of projects valued more than RM 250,000
ENot Mandatory
FNot Mandatory

Academic qualification requirements:

Certified copy of the academic certificate in engineering / construction field.

ClassAcademic Qualifications
AAt least a Degree
BAt least a Diploma
CNot mandatory
DNot mandatory
ENot Mandatory
FNot Mandatory

Heavy machinery requirements:

Certified copy of the heavy machinery card.

ClassHeavy Machineries Quantity
AAt least 5-10 heavy machineries
BAt least 3-5 heavy machineries
CNot mandatory
DNot mandatory
ENot Mandatory
FNot Mandatory

Document Checklist:

  • Certified copy of birth certificate for each owner, partner, director, and shareholder by the National Registration Department (JPN)
  • Latest copy of the Trading License in line with the applied title, certified by the District Office / Municipal Council
  • Latest CIDB certificate in line with the applied class
  • Copy of the latest 1-month Current Account Statement with a minimum balance of RM5000 (for Sdn Bhd) and certified by the bank
  • Copy of Form Q and Certificate of Competency for competent person, certified by the Energy Commission
  • Certified copy of the Academic Certificate in Engineering / Construction field
  • Latest Section 68 (formerly known as the Form of Annual Return)
  • Latest Section 51 & 78 (formerly known as Form 24)
  • Latest Section 58 (formerly known as Form 49)
  • Latest Section 17 (or Form 9) & Form 13 (if relevant)
  • Latest Corporate Information
  • Latest Share Certificates for all Company Shareholders
  • Latest Form 32A / Section 105 along with LHDN revenue stamp
  • Latest Form 48A / Section 201 for all Company Directors
  • Minutes of Meeting related to the application for PUKONSA Certificate registration
  • Company Resolution concerning the authority to sign company checks
  • Latest Audited Account Statement
  • Constitution of Company / Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Partnership Agreement (Mandatory for Partnership Company)
  • Native Business Recognition Certificate of Sabah – if applicable (Class A,B,C,D,E) / mandatory for Class F (certified by the Bumiputera Status Unit)

Although we strive to ensure the accuracy of the information on this page, we recommend users to verify the details with PUKONSA for the most up-to-date and complete registration information. Applications for new registration/re-registration should be applied online viaePukonsa System

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